Engrave a Laser Crystal Photo Block

Professional crystal photo printing products are now widely available for use by the general public. They are offered in varying qualities depending on what the customer requires. This is why most printing companies offer a variety of different crystal photo options to choose from. A good quality picture can really enhance a product, especially one that’s been designed with professionalism in mind.

Laser Engraving Most professional crystal photo orders are made with laser engraving. Most crystal photo engravers use an original CIP matrix, but some companies also use alternative methods, which they describe in detail on their websites. Crystal photo engraving is achieved using a computer-controlled laser, which is set at a high frequency. It is this kind of frequency that enables the engraving process to stand out from other forms of surface engraving. The engraving is etched deeply into the crystal photo block.

Thermal Transfer Heating In general thermal transfer printing or thermoplastics work by heating a low-wipe surface with a heat gun. The ink is applied using a special type of brush that leaves a raised design or pattern on the surface. Some companies use diamond dust to make the raised pattern. The heated transfer paper, which comes in rolls or sheets, is then passed through the printer nozzle and onto the glass plate. Once there, it is printed with the crystal photo, which stands out like a sore thumb because it stands out in an opposite way to the rest of the print.

Engraved in a Glass Bottle Crystal photo gift items such as wine stoppers, flasks, or crystal photo albums are ideal choices for use as an engraved gift. These gifts are ideal for giving to a professional businessperson or executive, or to a corporate employee as a reward for a job well done. Using these gifts in a corporate setting can help promote a new product line for a company’s customers. However, for the home, they can also be used as a great decorative piece for any space. For instance, you may want to display your crystal photo in a beautiful picture frame.

Laser Engraved Photo Engraving For many people who are interested in having their pictures made crystal photo blocks are a great option. They have much more control over the depth and width of the images they can choose, which makes it easier than using the traditional stamp method. However, not everyone has access to a laser cutter, which limits this method. Also, since this is a more complicated process than stamping, you should plan to have someone do the work on your behalf.

There are plenty of companies offering high quality crystal photo blocks. Some of them provide a full service for custom orders, while others will provide you with a basic kit that you can choose from. Whether you use an engraved laser crystal photo block, or simply make your own, you’ll enjoy the special look that this type of gift provides. No matter what way you decide to use them, they are sure to be a hit at your next party, reunion, wedding, or baby shower. So whatever special occasion you’re planning, you’ll be sure to find just the right crystal photo block!