Creative Ideas For Traditional, Stylish Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband

How many times have you heard people say, “It’s the crystal anniversary gifts!” or “It’s the crystal picture frames,” when speaking of anniversary gifts? It seems like every year one is an upgrade to the previous year’s gift-giving ideas. And with all of the crystal gift sets out there, how do you choose the best crystal anniversary gifts? We have the answers to those questions and more!

The 15th wedding anniversary is typically the crystal picture frames. As for its meaning behind it? crystal represents the ever-shining love between you and your partner, and as for the meaning of it; it shows that even after all these years you are still meant for one another. Crystal can come in so many different forms: You could give practical items like crystal home decor or crystal jewelry, but the most common crystal anniversary gifts never stop at those gifts, no sir, they go on to something far greater! A crystal picture frame is just one of those crystal anniversary gifts that should be perfect for any occasion. It’s a welcome addition to your home.

Another popular crystal anniversary gifts for an anniversary would have to be the personalized crystal picture frames. This gift would make a perfect gift for any occasion, whether it is your wife’s eighteenth anniversary or if your husband has announced his official retirement. This type of gift is a classic and very special way to celebrate an anniversary and will be greatly appreciated by your husband.

For a more personal touch, you could get your husband some of those designer wine glasses from Nordstrom. Nordstrom crystal wine glasses can turn every glass into a work of art. They come in various styles and colors, all hand-blown to give each glass the uniqueness and quality it was designed for. You can purchase these at the place, or you can take one home with you (if you plan to do your shopping at home). You can also find crystal wine mugs from Nordstrom that are designed with roses in the design, which can be a great complement to any of these lovely gifts.

Don’t forget about the bottle of white wine with a rose in the bottom! This is a great gift idea for your husband, especially if you’ve been married for over fifteen years. He’ll be absolutely blown away by this, and he’ll think of you every time he drinks his glass of wine at night after dinner. The best thing about these gorgeous crystal anniversary gifts is that they will last forever.

A picture frame, necklace, bracelet, or ring are all excellent crystal anniversary gifts that you could make yourself. With most of these items, you just need to have a computer and printer. You will need to be able to take a picture of yourself with the item you wish to engrave; this could simply be your smiling face or a happy occasion. If you don’t have a picture, or if your picture isn’t exactly what you’d like, there are many other types of jewelry, picture frames, and charms available from your local Nordstrom’s store that can be custom made to your liking.

Crystal glassware, tabletop and barware, crystal photo albums, and candle holders are all popular modern ideas for anniversary gifts for men. Men tend to value function and practicality above anything else, so giving him something that’s both useful and stylish is a sure-fire winner. Your husband might not be fond of collecting things, so if you don’t want to get him a bunch of little books on tape, why not give him a nice pair of crystal clear speakers to play music from as well? There are plenty of different crystal items from which to choose. Some of these items even come in your favorite sports team’s colors, or in the color of his job (red for attorney and blue for construction worker).

Of course, if your husband is a real sports fan, you can’t go wrong by getting him an authentic NFL or MLB jersey. You can also choose other sports-related crystal items such as crystal chess sets, crystal basketball rings, crystal footballs, or even crystal hockey sticks. However, another great option that you can use to get creative with your anniversary gifts for your husband is to get him an eco-friendly travel mug. These mugs aren’t just perfect for getting your morning coffee, they’re also perfect for carrying your hot beverages while traveling. If your husband loves coffee, he’ll definitely appreciate a ceramic coffee mug with his favorite sports team’s logo imprinted on the side.